Living in a moment

Been deleting old text messages and keep coming across amusing kdrama conversations with my bestie.  Here are some of our fights about the You’re Beautiful Taekyung vs. Shinwoo fandom.  I think these accurately portray the emotional struggle that is You’re Beautiful.

I frequently troll my mom via text.

I tend to live-text my bestie through the k-dramas I’m watching. This was The Heirs, episode 1.

I tend to live-text my bestie through the k-dramas I’m watching. This was The Heirs, episode 1.

So two weekends ago I attempted to go blonde at home by myself with no knowledge of what to do aside from some youtube tutorials and some clearly uninformed Sally’s employees.  It turned orange.  I was able to get it to a weird brown gold color so I could go to work that week (middle) and now, with a third dye, my hair is back to normal.  But consider this a PSA: If you were born with black hair, accept that it’s just how God wanted you to stay and any attempt to defy that will end in frizzy, brittle destruction. You have been warned.

I’ve noticed a trend in the pictures I send my bestie- I’m usually complaining about a lame first world problem with a pouty picture attached.  I believe the order of these particular photos was “I’m hungry.” “This Kdrama is ripping out my heart.” and “I miss you.”

Been experimenting with Pinterest hair and makeup tutorials and took a crack at Aegyo makeup.  It’s interesting because American makeup tends to focus on making you look more mature and womanly while Korean makeup focuses on making you look youthful and pure. 

One last NYC trip with my sis (at least while she’s living there)

Memorial Day visiting my sis- we stuffed our faces and then ran the steps from Rocky. Good day in my book.

Day Three of Patriotic Week

So.. I made that skirt last night to wear today in hopes of piecing together this outfit:

But the top I bought to go with it looked SO ridiculously tacky. And that’s coming from me. So I had to make the reference slightly less obvious. #sacrifices

Day Two of Patriotic Week